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Memorizing the Holy Quran simply means learning it by heart. It is one of the miracles of Holy Quran that it is the only book in the world that can be memorized word to word even by children of very young age. At the time of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), writing things for the purpose of storing them was not usually practiced, hence people used to memorize whatever knowledge they wanted to preserve. Even today when matters of preservation are no longer a difficult aspect due to advanced technology, memorizing Holy Quran is still the Honor that Allah grants to whomever he chooses. While it is in the hands of Allah who he chooses as the safe keeper of His Holy book, we are here to provide you the guidance and help you need to achieve this sacred honor.

We have experienced teachers that are not selected by knowledge, but they have the best interpretational skills so students from all over the world shouldn’t have any issue while Learning Quran. Our tutors are trained, and they have already designed a learning strategy for all types of students who face problems while interpreting. Encouragement is essential, and our teachers put their best efforts to bring motivation in students for a better life according to Quran teachings.

No Age Limit for Quran Learning

There is no age limit as Quran is for everyone and that is why we have organized the lectures for different ages which proves convenient for students. Kids find it interesting to learn Quran online. We organize various test systems as well with a purpose to assess the understanding level of students. Such type of assessment helps us to focus on the points where the students need more attention.

Multiple Online Courses

Our Online Quran Classes are based on Tajweed, Nazra, and recitation so you can choose the course of your own choice. The timing is also flexible which means you can take lectures at your own selected time. At A.S, tutors are dedicated persons who teach the lessons of the Quran with proper guidelines as everybody knows that the recitation of the Quran is one of the good deeds in Islam.

Excellent Teaching Standards

If you want to learn the Quran from a professional online Quran tutor then A.S is surely a right institute for you. Our tutors make sure to deliver the lessons of Quran as per the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) so it is definitely a wise approach to enrol your kids for learning the beautiful lessons of the Quran. We welcome all students regardless of their age, caste, and colour so you shouldn’t hesitate to avail such an amazing opportunity.

Easy Registration Process

Our registration process is absolutely easy as you do not need to go through a complicated process. You can use your existing mail address or Skype ID for log in details. We do welcome international students as we aim to spread the lessons of the Quran to the whole world. More on, the fee payment is also easy as we accept fee through all reliable modes of payment. So, all those who need to learn Quran online should choose A.S Quran Tutoring because we not only charge a minimal fee but our lessons also prove helpful for easy and prompt learning.

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