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Academy Overview is one of the leading platforms spreading the light of the Quran since 2011. It’s an excellent opportunity for all who want to learn Quran online under the supervision of experienced teachers. Our tutors are experienced and certified. We all know teaching a Quran to anyone is a great responsibility.

It’s essential to convey the words of the Quran in the right manner according to correct instructions that are given by Allah Almighty. Quran tutor should be very knowledgeable and should have the answers to all the related questions that can be asked by students. We have a team of experienced and punctual teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of tajweed.

Nowadays with teachers of other science subjects, it’s essential to have a qualified and experienced teacher of Quran as well for our community who can convey the message of the Holy book to all children and adults. We are known for professional teaching methods that are not easily available at any platform.

Teachers have designed various strategies for making teaching method easy and practical. Now Quran learning is easy and affordable as well with us. Our teachers can communicate in multiple languages to interact with students in their national languages.

Required Qualification for Becoming a part of Experienced Team:

For all those who want to be a part of our experienced team they should have the following qualifications:

  1. Graduate from the recognized university
  2. Must know all Quran teaching methods for all age groups
  3. Profound knowledge of tajweed
  4. Must have experience of interactive applications
  5. Must be competent in the Arabic language
  6. Must have a command in different languages for better teaching experience

Why is best for all?

You may have come across different platforms who have been teaching Quran for many years, but with us, you will have easy learning at home rather than striving hard in the crowd and wasting time in traveling. We provide courses at different levels for all type of learners. You won’t find competent and well-qualified environment anywhere else.

Whatever time is suitable for you we will schedule your class, and we ensure the availability of our tutors as per scheduled time. We have students of different nationalities who are also impressed by our teaching styles. Our tutors are quite friendly and polite. We have a facility of female teachers for female students also. We have already adopted modern technology in our teaching methods for providing an interactive platform.  Our students will have free access to all the learning formats without any cost. We have tried to make our learning environment interactive and super affordable for all.

Get yourself registered today for free 3-days class trial. An excellent learning experience is guaranteed with us.

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