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Memorize Quran With Tajweed

In this class our instructors provide classes on the basic teachings of Islam. This course is designed for children, adults, and new Muslims.

A.S Quran Tutoring is an international Islamic school and is known well for its services on a global level. Here, the lessons of the Quran are delivered to students who want to recite the book of Allah in a proper way. We have scholars of well-reputed universities who hold sound knowledge of Hadith and the verses of Quran whereas the Hafiz tutors teach students for memorizing the Quran. We are working with an aim to teach the students with convenience as all those who can’t manage the time to go to an Islamic school or have other issues can join us online. Our services are based on standards set by our directors and the whole staff members work passionately for delivering the lessons of the Quran.

Basic Quran Reading and Tajweed

We have tutors who are experienced enough to teach the basic Quran reading to kids in a great way. It doesn’t matter that at which age you are, our lessons are for everyone and for every gender. It is indispensable to learn Tajweed of Quran because every single Muslim should strive hard for mitigating the mistakes while reciting Quran. Our tutors teach with proper details and answer queries on an immediate basis which help students to learn in an efficient way.

English, Urdu, and Arabic Speakers

Our representatives and tutors all are adept of multiple languages so you won’t have to face issues regarding the understanding as you can ask questions in any language. The Asians who do not understand English or Arabic a lot can communicate in Urdu as we do not want anyone to miss the lesson of Quran just because of the language barrier. More on, we teach Arabic in a wonderful way that it becomes easy for our students to memorize Quran. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are living in America, UK, India, or Canada, our services prove equally beneficial for everyone.

Complete Attention to each Student

Unlike the schools where students feel hesitate to ask questions in front of the whole class, here at A.S each student receives complete attention. Students of all ages feel confident and satisfied while learning from our tutors because we do not criticize the questioning and here teachers pay equal attention to all students. So, get your laptop and register yourself with us for learning by professional teachers. The process is easy, enter your basic details and you are all set to enjoy premium services with AS Quran Tutoring.

Quran Memorization

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