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Quran Reading With Tajweed

It is obligatory upon every Muslim to read the Quran with Tajweed. This course teaches the rules of Tajweed and the students will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters. The instructors will go into the details of Tajweed rules including Ikhfa, Ghunna, Ikhfa Meem Saakin,Idgham, Qalqala, Qalb, and Idgham Meem Saakin and. You will practice the rules with the instructor and learn how to apply the rules during recitation.

A.S Quran Tutoring is a well-known Islamic School that provides exceptional teaching services on the international level. We are here to teach you the book of Allah by following the guidelines that were given by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) so it is a great opportunity for all Muslims who are living abroad and want a reliable source of learning Quran. There is no doubt that Quran education is the fundamental thing and that is why, we offer multiple courses including Quran memorization, basic reading, Tajweed, and basic knowledge of Islam. Besides, our services are purely based on Islamic teachings due to which we do not charge hidden cost from our students.

Affordable Packages

Our packages are quite affordable as we charge a minimal amount of fee for our online services. There are different packages for each course that provides you the convenience to choose the one who suits your pocket the most. Well, the best thing is that we do not charge extra or hidden costs from our students so our Quran teaching online is a real benefit for learners. Beginners who aren’t very aware of Arabic should definitely go for our pocket-friendly courses.

The expertise of our Teachers

Here, the staff members are experts and know the most useful ways of teaching. They are scholars of the field and possess sound knowledge of Islam so when it comes about teaching the basic lessons of Islam, they make sure to guide as per the authentic Hadees and verses of the Quran. Moreover, the Hafiz teachers are appointed to deliver lessons for the memorization of the Quran because Hafiz persons know the tactics and tips to learn Quran in the best way. We make sure that our students not only memorize Quran but get maximum guidance from it too. Reading the Quran in Arabic is easy but memorizing all the verses is something that requires the full attention of both students and teachers so our tutors give 100% attention to each student for their journey of learning Quran.

User-friendly Website

You do not need to be an expert of IT for getting maximum benefit from our site as it is quite user-friendly. At the top, we have provided all the main categories for easy learning approach. The registration and fee transferring process are also seamless so you should definitely get the benefit of this amazing opportunity through which you can learn the Quran while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Interactive Classes

At A.S, the classes are organized in a way that makes the interaction process absolutely easy. The whiteboard is displayed on the screen through the latest software whereas video streaming and screen sharing options are also provided through which you can take the lessons according to the schedule. Meanwhile, there is no need to follow the time period as we give the freedom to students to set their own schedule of classes. So, when the things become this much convenient, one should make sure to learn the Quran from the heart.

Reading Quran in Arabic

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