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Why do students prefer to learn Quran Online?

It has been noticed that students prefer to learn Quran online rather going to Islamic institutes and this is a reason that the popularity of the online platform is increasing by each passing day. Initially, the parents were a bit confused about the online learning process. However as the time passed and technology made its […]

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4 Ways Parents can convince their Children to learn Quran!

You may have noticed that it has become the toughest job to guide a child in an era when social media and the usage of mobile is at its peak. There are always multiple aspects of everything and same is with mobile phones. First of all, the parents should keep the social media and mobile […]

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4 Useful Ways to learn Quran at Home!

Do you have a habit of reading the Quran regularly? Every Muslim is aware of the fact that whenever it comes about finding the right path and light in the darkness, nothing proves as best as the Quran. However, unfortunately, these days, most of us do not even bother to read the Quran for guidance […]

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