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4 Useful Ways to learn Quran at Home!

Do you have a habit of reading the Quran regularly? Every Muslim is aware of the fact that whenever it comes about finding the right path and light in the darkness, nothing proves as best as the Quran. However, unfortunately, these days, most of us do not even bother to read the Quran for guidance rather we keep ourselves busy in other activities. Well, it is indispensable to teach your child what the Quran actually says. People who want to learn Quran at home can, of course, make it happen by learning the below-discussed useful ways:

  • Hire a Home Tutor!

There are Hafiz persons who teach Quran by going to the place of students. If you feel like traveling isn’t an easy thing for you or your child then, of course, you should ask the tutor for his services. It is one of the useful ways and the majority of households prefer hiring tutor rather sending their children to Islamic institutes. However, there is a small loophole as the home tutors usually do not prove qualified enough to guide the students regarding Hadith and the actual meaning of the Quran’s verses.

  • Learn Quran from Elders!

In every traditional home, there is a norm that elders of the family teach Quran to kids of the house. There is no doubt that it is one of the beautiful norms because kids respect their elders in a better way in this case. Well, it also has been noticed that kids repeat the mistakes that elders make while reading the Quran due to which, they may not be able to learn the actual pronunciation of the Quran’s verses. So, if you are going to select this method of learning, try to make sure that the elders of the family are capable enough to teach the Quran.

  • Learn Quran Online!

The online platform is the one that is preferred in this era. Islamic institutes and Quran centers are famous for providing extraordinary online services. To learn Quran at home, the best way is to learn through Skype as the tutors register their students on Skype and deliver lessons with a minimal fee. Besides, the online tutors deliver the lessons of Hadith, too by quoting valid references of books like Sahi Bukhari. The online classes do not require traveling and ensure a scheduled learning process as the tutors follow the time schedule in a rigorous way. So, the kids won’t feel lazy but will attend classes with more interest.

  • Learn through YouTube Authentic Quran Channels!

There are unlimited Quran channels on YouTube. However, if you make sure to subscribe authentic channel, you can surely listen to the recitation of Quran that will help you learn the accurate pronunciation. It depends on your interest and determination which platform you choose as a priority. Well, the online Quran classes usually prove best out of all because students feel like they are actually present in a classroom which speeds up their learning process.

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