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4 Ways Parents can convince their Children to learn Quran!

You may have noticed that it has become the toughest job to guide a child in an era when social media and the usage of mobile is at its peak. There are always multiple aspects of everything and same is with mobile phones. First of all, the parents should keep the social media and mobile phones away from their children if they haven’t crossed the age of fifteen because such things can prove distractive in so many ways. Meanwhile, you can guide your kids regarding the positive use of technology and reaping benefits from it. So, it will ultimately make it easy for you to develop an interest in Quran classes and you won’t have to go through an immense struggle as well.

  • Do the Right Stuff!

These days, it is not about kids only but parents also stay busy in different activities that ultimately create a distance between their kids and themselves. So, the parents should perform those activities they want their kids to follow. If a mother keeps herself busy in gossiping and movies, can she expect that her kid chooses to read Quran? Children do what they see in their home so if you do not offer prayer timely or read Quran on daily basis, it will become difficult for you to convince your child.

  • Get your children Familiar with Quran!

It is a game of obligations and rights. Parents have to fulfill their duty by teaching their kids what the Quran is actually about. You cannot expect pomegranate from a tea of mangoes so if you won’t focus on your duties, you can’t expect your child a very practicing and good Muslim. So, make sure that your kid is aware of basic knowledge pertinent to the Quran.

  • Choose a Reliable Platform!

The Platform you choose to learn the Quran plays a crucial role. If you feel like your kid is scared of the traditional institutes where the teachers hit the students badly, you can simply go towards a better platform. The Quran Teaching Online is known as one of the reliable platforms where tutors deliver the lessons of the Quran while making sure a positive environment.

Your kids will also feel quite confident about the online learning facility and you may not have to force them. A right platform will automatically encourage your child to learn the Quran. The teaching methodology in the online system is quite remarkable and that is why it is progressing by each passing day.

  • Have a Conversation with Tutors!

The Quran teaching online services are quite famous these days. So when you choose to rely on the online process, it will be easy for you to have a detailed conversation with tutors regarding the position and learning ability of your child. The online tutors do not ask you for the appointment rather they make sure to email weekly performance report of students to their parents. In short, it will become easy for you to guide your child according to his performance in the online session.

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